The coolest color? The one that combines professionalism and soul.


If the backstage of the high fashion catwalks are a ferment of precious chignons, rebellious medium cuts, new accessories and couture braids, Hollywood stars respond with hairstyles and colors that celebrate naturalness and uniform colors (but look at them well and you will see that you do not give up ton on ton reflections to create movement and color games). What choice to make? Be free.
Free to dare and strike, but also to be noticed with class and delicacy.

How to choose the most suitable color? Rely on your professionalism and speak to the hearts of your customers, you can not go wrong! As a hairstylist you know your client and he trusts you, but above all you are a professionals and you need to know how to propose solutions that respect the rules of always, taking into account the complexion and color of the eyes.

Nourish your professionalism with curiosity to keep up with the trends of the moment and inspire the customer new possibilities. Enhance your work by choosing from BBcos products the most suitable for hair structure and health. Explain your choice to those who relied on you.

Now that you have given creative and professional proposals, the customer will feel free and confident to indulge in that pinch of madness or simply add nuances to its naturalness, amaze with its desire to change or hide a precious detail reserved for those who really know how to appreciate it.

BBcos has created different lines to fulfill all the desires of women and all the needs of their hair. Originality, energy and vitality? Welcome to Colortribe: direct coloring for intense effects or pastel nuances. The ultimate in creativity for endless nuances. Hair to hydrate and nourish? With Innovationevo in a single gesture colors, nourishes and hydrates thanks to the precious properties of argan oil and flax seeds. Sensitivity to ammonia? Keratincolor is the solution embellishes by the action.