If hairstylists are to be true advocates of the kind of natural and simple beauty which pays great attention to detail, they must be able to look beyond simply offering a hair styling service and ensure that they convey their values the moment a client comes through the door.


Hairstylists who take an all-round approach to their profession are aware that it is not enough to focus only on what they know. The skill and expertise involved in cutting and colouring hair are undisputed requirements that clients already expect, but what really makes a hairstylist stand out is their ability to communicate the values they attribute to styling hair to other areas of their business: through the services they provide, through how they communicate, and through the salon experience.

Indeed, it is the client’s experience in the salon which should be the first step to consider. Hairdressers who believe in the value of prêt-à-porter beauty – a value which BBcos Hair Pro wholeheartedly shares and supports – must communicate their love for simplicity, attention to detail, and spontaneity as soon as the client comes through the door of their salon. Below are the 5 steps of the visit to the salon that need attention.

The welcome
Front desk staff play a key role in the life of the salon: they are the face of the salon and the first point of contact, welcoming clients, taking bookings and payments, and providing logistical assistance. Choosing people with naturally warm and friendly personalities is a good starting point for associating spontaneity, politeness, and positive client relationships with the idea of prêt-à-porter beauty right from the outset.

The atmosphere in the salon
Hairstylists who are advocates of this type of beauty must choose an ambience for their salon which is neither overly sophisticated nor overly fancy. The ideal atmosphere is one where clients and staff alike feel relaxed, comfortable and at ease with one another. How can this be achieved? The secret lies not only in the correct choice of furnishings, but also in the astute recruitment and training of staff. Offering a cup of coffee, finding solutions for lunch on behalf of the client

Appropriate waiting times
Waiting to be attended to and waiting between one service and another must be properly managed. This is because on the one hand waiting times are an indication of how efficiently a salon is run, and on the other hand they can also reflect how much respect the staff have for the client’s own time. Timings must be precisely calculated so that clients are given time to get settled in and relax without over-focusing on running late.

Listening during the consultation
One of the most important moments during a visit to the salon is the consultation, the point at which the hairstylist needs to listen to their client’s wishes, expectations and habits, and extract as much information as possible in order to achieve maximum client satisfaction. It is at this stage, more than at any other time, when prêt-à-porter beauty starts to be shaped, based on the individual client’s physical features and lifestyle.

The other important stage is the feedback on the service provided. It is essential to gather comments from clients, not only to confirm that they are satisfied with their experience, but also to gain useful insights into their preferences and take on board any suggestions they may have in order to improve the service on subsequent visits. In this way, salons can continue to perfect prêt-à-porter beauty, one step at a time.