Getting back to basics is one of the global trends that will describe the ensuing years. It's your wish for a simpler and more basic lifestyle. The beauty sector is adapting.


Back to basics. This is how Mintel, an international research and trend analysis agency, has defined one of the new global trends that will describe consumer choices in various sectors.

The wish perceived at the international level is that of seeking more simplicity for the purpose of freeing daily life from everything perceived as artificial, manufactured or overly sophisticated.

A need that isn't particularly focused on gaining time and speed but rather on improving the quality of life; on making it more authentic and less artificial.

Beauty companies have also cultivated this need and are developing strategies to ensure a suitable response.

Consumers are moving away from complex routines, shifting their focus towards alternatives that centre on wellness. Hence the proposal of multifunctional products which are able to perform several functions.

At the same time, companies are aiming at a more pronounced minimalism in their formulations. This choice is reflected in an increasingly narrowed list of essentials, in which the intention is to use a selection of highly specialised and effective active ingredients.

A choice which paves the way for another emerging trend: that of clean labels, namely of clear and transparent product labels to facilitate and enhance direct communication with customers.

If cosmetics and makeup respond with products which meet this need, hairdressing in turn offers a canon of beauty whose keyword is “natural”. Styling and colour become more and more transparent. On the contrary, the hand of an expert hairdresser can no longer be recognised.

The desired result is an overall look that is as spontaneous as possible, being tailored to the customer. The styling turns into a “just out of bed” one, using the most multifaceted nuances to achieve a 3-D effect.

The activity of BBcos Hair Pro blends perfectly into this context. Their mission is to attain daily beauty of the kind which isn't artificial. It is able to communicate to the final customer a simple image -- yet not at all a careless one --paying great attention to the specific characteristics of each woman.

In short, an accessible beauty -- simple but not simplistic.