A round-up of the key hairstyle trends for the new season. Cuts, colours and styles according to bbcos expert stylists.


The end of the year is an exciting time. A time of renewed vigour and new resolutions. A time to take stock of the year gone by, with all its ups and downs. There is also an eagerness to discover all the latest trends, with hair fashions surely topping the list, both for women who want to feel good about their appearance and look fashionable at the same time, and for hairstylists, who see new trends as the perfect opportunity to express their creativity. Here we take a peek at some new hair looks for the coming season, from cuts and colours to styles, according to expert stylists BBcos Hair Pro.

Haircut – The Collarbone Cut
The collarbone-skimming cut is the latest version of the classic bob haircut. An extremely versatile, mid-length style that can be worn loose or tied up. For 2019, this style is left soft through the ends in effortless, natural looking waves, for an easy chic look with an unfinished edge. The trend is for a shorter, layered cut at the back to create a plump texture, giving a fuller, more unstructured look compared to the classic bob.

Colour #1 – Metallic highlights
Continuing one of this year’s hottest trends, 2019’s hair colour lineup will be highly tactile, enhanced with metallic hues that brighten the deepest tones, from reds to blacks. The combo of colours, shade on shade, is accompanied by highly contrasting colour mixes, such as purple and red or purple and blue.

Colour #2 – Differentiated locks
Alongside the trend for evenly distributed colour or subtle shading is one where colour is applied to strands here and there, a popular trend in previous seasons and still a firm favourite, albeit with new twists. The latest adaptation sees multi-coloured, clearly distinct strands for a decidedly modern look: in its most effortless and wearable incarnation there might only be a few coloured strands in varying hues, just to add a touch of highlights among more natural colour nuances.

Styling – The fringe
The fringe has long been a massive trend, one that is back again to enhance hairstyles this coming season, this time with an even bigger impact. 2019 fringes are thick, full of body, and fall to the base of the eyes, drawing attention to your peepers. It can be left to fall naturally in the same colour as the rest of your hair or given an altogether more dramatic look in a darker, contrasting colour, streaked with subtle highlights to create a 3D effect.