One of the most watched and successful television sagas in recent years has come to an end: let's take a last look at the three captivating women of the series to find out the hidden meaning behind their hairstyles.


Eight seasons for the same number of years, 73 episodes, 47 Emmy awards: these are some of the figures that describe the cultural phenomenon created by Game of Thrones. Labelling it merely as a TV series would be an understatement, as its scope was such that has attracted record viewership on HBO and generated an exceptionally broad and active international fandom.

Exciting for the interweaving and depth of its characters, Game of Thrones has also offered insights in areas outside the narrative, not least the area connected to clothes and hairstyles. Studied in detail by Michele Clapton, the costumes worn by the characters have accompanied the evolution of protagonists over time, thus becoming unspoken indicators of characteristics and salient traits of each and every one of them.

Hairstyles also contributed to determining the attitude and personality of characters, each carrying out a well-defined individualism and symbolism. Much like with clothes, the three women Sansa, Cersei and Daenerys wore different hairstyles over time, following the evolution of their psychological traits.

Sansa's liberating straight hair
The character played by Sophie Turner in the series always wore complex and elaborate hairstyles. As the actress herself revealed a few years ago, Sansa's hair is constantly reflecting what she can learn from the people around her. The very straight hair therefore becomes a growth statement, showing that she is her own person and that she is the master of her own destiny.

The short hairstyle of Cersei Lannister
Cersei's hairstyle is one of the most evident look transformations. For the first five seasons she wore a very long, auburn-brown, silky and soft hair, always braided or picked up in specific and clearly feminine ways, to then swing to a masculine, short bob haircut, a harsh and cold style for a specific period in her personal history. The transition from long hair to a short haircut is a silent symbol of her inner transformation, one that marks her path for profound revenge.

The bloody braids of Daenerys Targaryen
She also wore long and wavy hair, oftentimes styled in elaborate braids. Her hair colour was platinum blonde, which matched the white of her clothes, a symbol of her purity of intent. In the last season, however, her outfits became less and less immaculate, marking a gradual inner corruption, accentuated step by step by a growing number of braids in her hair, one for each adversary killed in battle.

The care and attention to detail showed for styling the characters proves, once more, how hairstyle is an important element to communicate one’s image. A starting point that surpasses the case in question and becomes a source of inspiration in everyday work at the salon: because even prêt-à-porter beauty must be custom-tailored and taken care of in all its aspects.